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Secudrive helps organizations of all sizes and industries to protect their valueble data erasier and more efficient than ever before. Learn what Secudrive can do for your business with our data security solutions protecting confidential data.


File Server Security

Set up a secure file sharing environment on file servers and cloud with digital rights management (DRM) to prevent data leakage by insiders, while allowing employees to safely share and work with confidential data.

Remote Disk Wiping

Wipe all the data on multiple disks simultaneously and remotely, and monitor the entire process from a central management console for safe PC disposal and recycling to cut operating costs and prevent data leakage through disk recovery.

Secudrive Highlights

Three key considerations for assured and efficient protection of confidential data in organizations:




Consolidation of all relevant data in one or more file servers is the integral step in forming an effective security architecture to protect confidential data.


Insiders are potentially the most risky and troublesome threat of data leakage to stop, as they directly access and use confidential data regularly.



Organization-wide security must be easy for administrators to manage, and more importantly, must not hinder employee productivity with its restrictions.

When it is time for company PCs to be replaced or recycled for future uses, disk wiping becomes a critical process for data security, and if not carried out properly, confidential data leaks can occur


Data Security

Proper disk wiping process for multiple PCs is often overlooked as it is not considered as unimportant and time-consuming aspect of data security.


Recoverable Data

Despite formatting the used disks for disposal or recycling purpose, previously stored data still remain on the disks, which can still be recoverable by software tools.


Multiple Locations

Conventional disk wiping process is booted up on USB drives or CDs, which require more logistical efforts in case where the PCs are located in various locations.

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