Trustifi Email Security

Trustifi Delivers Companywide Email Security and Compliance Protection

You can’t protect what you don’t secure. Businesses can no longer afford to send unencrypted email messages containing sensitive and private information. Enterprise email security should be amongst your top concerns as a business. That’s why Trustifi is the perfect solution for security and compliance concerns.

Trustifi’s advanced encryption ensures your email correspondence always remains private and secure while being incredibly easy to send, receive, and open. Trustifi also protects organizations against spam, malware, and sophisticated Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud threats.

Add Security to Outlook

No more roadblocks to encryption. With the click of a button Trustifi adds security and visibility to Outlook.

Add Security to Gmail

Trustifi adds needed security and visibility to Gmail so you can be certain your emails remain private.

Additional Security Options

Business customers can easily integrate Trustifi into their proprietary platform via Open API

Email Security Made Easy

Encryption | Protection | Visibility


Encrypt & Protect

Trustifi is the most secure encryption service available and protects organizations from malware, phishing and ransomware schemes, via incoming email.


Click of a Button

Designed for simplicity, secure emails are sent with the click of a button and easily opened, read and returned, all from within a secure environment.


Email Tracking

Trustifi tracks all email communications, providing answers to the most important questions: Was it delivered? When? Where? Who opened it? And on what device?


Encrypt on the go

Your life is mobile and the ability to securely send private data from any device should be too. Available only from Trustifi, encryption is as mobile as you are.


Content Filtering, Self Destruct, Recall, plus a lot more – Encryption needs are not one size fits all, so your encryption service shouldn’t be either.

Easy Set up

Trustifi makes it easy for enterprise customers with a need to integrate our encryption and security technology into their hosted and on-premise email systems.

Email Postmark

Business must adhere to HIPAA, PII, GDPR laws and Trustifi’s patented Postmark solution is a federally-approved, certified form of compliant delivery proof.

The Benefits of Trustifi

Trustifi’s easy-to-use email encryption service features an array of security and productivity tools that benefits individuals and businesses of all-sizes. It’s time you put your email to work for you.

Fraud Protection

Incoming emails are authenticated to protect individuals and organizations from malware, ransomware, and costly phishing schemes.

Peace of Mind

Encrypted email messages are sent and delivered in the most secure method possible and easily returned encrypted, all within a secure environment.

Tracking with Proof of Delivery

Full email tracking comes standard. You’re notified in real time when emails have been received, opened and read.

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